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* This package is applicable to senior citizen 60 years and above

Inclusive of:

Physical Examination & Consultation by Consultant Geriatrician/Physician

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Hearing Test

Health Risk Factor (Body Mass Index & Body Fat Composition) by Clinical Dietitian

Visual Acuity (Snellen Chart)

Blood Pressure & Heart Rate (Supine and Standing)

Medical Report

Blood Analysis:

• Full Blood Picture
• Renal Function
• Lipid Profile (Cholesterol,Triglycerides,HDL/LDL)
• Liver Function Tests
• Vitamin D Level
• Stool for Occult Blood
• Urine Analysis (FEME)

With presentation of report folder

Price: MYR 600

Optional Investigations:

• Thyroid Function - Recommend for 1st time
• DEXA Scan (X-Ray Bone Densitometry)
• Pap Smear by Medical Officer - Female Only (Recommend every 2 years)
• Mammogram - Female Only (Recommend every 2 years)

Note: The above package is subject to change.