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Speech Language Therapy Unit

Speech-Language Therapy aims to provide high quality services to help children and adults with communication, speech, language, voice, fluency and swallowing difficulties. Services are provided to individuals of all ages. A diagnostic speech and language assessment will be carried out. The results will be analysed to design appropriate therapy programme tailored to the individual's needs. Therapy sessions are conducted either in group or on individual basis.

Who Can Benefit from Our Service?

Cerebral palsy
Attention deficit & hyperactive disorder
Cleft lip and palate
Hearing impairment
Down's syndrome
Mental handicap
Developmental delay

ADULT with
Head injury
Parkinson's disease
Motor neuron disease
Head, mouth & throat cancer
Tracheostomised individuals

Causes and Therapy Options
Speech & Language Delay/Developmental Speech & Language Delay Major causes are lack of language stimulation, impaired intelligence, social/pragmatic disorder (e.g. autism), hearing impairment, learning disability, etc. Some are unknown reasons. Introducing language games and activities, children are trained to achieve appropriate comprehensive and expressive language abilities equivalent to their mental age. Training for parents is also provided to facilitate language development of their children.
Hearing Impairment With the use of hearing aids or a cochlear implant, hearing impaired individuals can learn to listen and understand spoken language. The auditory-verbal approach is used to train individual's listening, speech, language, cognition and communication in order to develop the listening and spoken language. Total communication approach such as signed, oral, auditory, written and visual aids will be used for people who are unable to use listening as their primary sensory in daily life.
Articulation Disorders Major causes are delay in articulation development, in-coordination of oral musculature and inappropriate modeling. Other causes are hearing impairment, cleft lip, cleft palate, etc. Through articulation exercises, the individual can be trained to produce the sounds correctly.
Voice Disorders Inappropriate use of voice or vocal abuse will lead to voice disorders. Others causes are vocal nodules, vocal polyps, vocal paralysis or emotional problems. The Speech-Language Therapist will design programme for the individual on vocal hygiene, breathing, relaxation, and voice exercises.
Fluency Disorders Fluency disorders are due to psychological, physical or hereditary causes. The individuals will be taught a new way of speaking to help enable them speak smoothly and fluently.
Neurological Communication Disorders Major causes are stroke, brain tumour, head injury, Parkinson's disease, etc. Depending on the site and severity, individuals suffer from difficulties in understanding, speaking, reading and writing. Exercises will be given to enhance communication strategies and strengthen the oral musculatures to improve speech clarity. Training for family members will also be provided to facilitate communication skills. Picture communication board, light writer and others will be used as alternative communication methods when necessary.
Swallowing Disorder Damage to the nervous system such as stroke, brain injury, Parkinson's disease or damage to the swallowing mechanism (mouth and neck) following surgery will lead to swallowing problems. Treatment varies depending on the cause, symptom and type of swallowing problems. Altering food and liquid textures and/or strategies are used to help individuals swallow more effectively.

Referral Procedures
Please contact our Speech-Language Therapy Unit directly for appointment. Referrals by medical practitioners, teachers or other professionals are welcome.

Speech Language Therapy

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