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Antenatal Class

Journey into parenthood with confidence.

Classes will be conducted on every Friday for a period of 5 consecutive weeks.
Time: 7.30 pm (sharp) - 9.30 pm

Location: Auditorium, Level 10, New Wing (Block 3), LohGuanLye SPECIALISTS CENTRE

1st Session (by Obstetrician & Anaesthesiologist)
Before Labour
* What happens to my body?
* What does the doctor check for when I come to the clinic?
* How can I prepare myself for labour?
* Epidural / Pain relief
Refreshments & Group Interaction
2nd Session (by Physiotherapist)
* Practical Session
Dress Code : Pants/Shorts

1st Session (by Midwife & Paediatrician)
* Arrival of baby - preparation for hospitalisation
* Is my new born baby okay?
Refreshments & Group Interaction
2nd Session (by Midwife)
* Brain Development Stimulation
* Baby Massage

1st Session (by Obstetrician & Dietitian)
During Labour
* How do I know when to come into hospital?
* What should I expect when I am in labour?
* What problems can happen?
* What happens after the baby?
* The importance of nutrition during pregnancy
Refreshments & Group Interaction
2nd Session (Speech-Language Therapist / Audiologist)
* Early Child Development
1. Hearing and Speech Language Milestone
2. Music and Movement Education

1st Session (by Paediatrician)
* First week of Life and Immunisation Programme

2nd Session (by Midwife)
* Some common concerns after birth
Refreshments & Group Interaction
3rd Session (by Physiotherapist)
* Practical Session
Dress Code : Pants/shorts

1st Session (by Paediatrician)
* Breastfeeding
Refreshments & Group Interaction
2nd Session (by Midwife)
* Nappy folding
* Breastfeeding in hospital
* Expressing your breast milk
* Breastfeeding aids
* Tour of Delivery Suites, Nursery and OBG Ward

Note: All packages is subject to change without prior notice.

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