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Breast Cancer Centre - Early Detection Key To Survival

LSC Breast Cancer Centre is a one-stop centre dedicated to provide a comprehensive range of management breast diseases and also for those who are at high risk of breast cancer in a warm and caring environment.

We aim to provide a patient-centered approach when managing all stages of breast cancer and practice multidisciplinary management amongst our clinicians. Our dedicated team comprises of breast surgeons, radiologists, oncologists and breast care nurses who are committed to provide not only clinical services but also support and care for all breast health related issues ranging from surgery, oncoplastic and after surgery care including counseling and support group services.

LSC Breast Cancer Centre also recognizes the importance of mental and emotional health. Hence, we strongly support various breast cancer support groups and collaborate with them in organizing various activities in order to provide a holistic healing to patients, carers, families and friends.


1. Surgical Services
Breast Screening and Genetic Screening
Diagnostic Surgery
        Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC)
        Core biopsy / Ultrasound Guided Biopsy
        Excision Biopsy
Treatment Surgery
        Breast Conserving Surgery / Wide Excision / Lumpectomy
        Total Mastectomy / Nipple Sparing or Skin Sparing Mastectomy
        Axillary Surgery : Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy, Axillary Clearance
Oncoplastic Surgery (Immediate / Delayed)
        Implant Reconstruction
        Autologous Flap Reconstructive (LD Flap / TRAM Flap)

2. Oncology Services

3. Imaging Services
CT Scan

4. Physiotherapy Services
Exercise therapy
Lymphedema massage

5. Occupational Therapy Services
Compression Garment

6. Counseling Services and Education
After Surgery Care
Breast Cancer Awareness
Breast Self Examination (BSE)
Breast Care Nurse
Clinical Psychologist


Breast Surgeons
1. Mr Chong Seng Fook
2. Dr(Ms) Teoh Mei Shi

Oncologists & Radiotherapists
1. Dr Kevin Hew Poh Wai
2. Dr. Nellie Cheah Lay Chin

7. Cancer Wellness Centre
LSC Breast Cancer Centre Information Area
     Contact : +604-238 888 ext 8234

Cancer Support Groups
        Among Friends
            Contact : +6016 400 6338 (Lucy)
            Contact : +6012 457 4912 (Ruth)
        Pink Penang Cancer Society
            Contact : +6019 423 0033 (Jayne)

Amanita Services Sdn Bhd
     Contact : +6016 488 8876 (Siew Kheng)
        Mastectomy Bras
        Hair Wig

CanCare Health Systems (M) Sdn Bhd
     Contact : +604-226 5690 (Venice)
        Breast Forms
        Mastectomy Bras
        Hair Wig
        Headgear and accessories

Cancer Wellness Centre
Contact : +604-238 888 ext 8240 (During Office Hours)

Breast Care Nurse
Contact : +6017-472 7140 (During Office Hours)

Oncology Reception
Contact : +604-238 8165

Oncology Day Care
Contact : +604-238 8240

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