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Breast & Endocrine Surgery Services

The Breast & Endocrine Surgery service at LohGuanLye SPECIALISTS CENTRE is a one-stop centre that aims to provide a comprehensive management for patients with breast and thyroid cancer, benign breast disease as well as those who are at high risk for breast cancer.

There is a wide range of integrated services for both benign and malignant breast & endocrine diseases, which includes surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, oncoplastic reconstruction, as well as, after care for all patients. We offer many treatment options, as we believe the care of the breast cancer patient requires a multi-disciplinary team approach that comprise of breast surgeons, radiologist, oncologist, radiotherapists as well as other allied health care professionals, who are all available within the same centre.

Consultation Services (Breast & Endocrine):
Breast screening & genetic screening (Risk stratification for high risk cases)
Triple assessment: Clinical breast examination, imaging & tissue biopsy (within the same day and biopsy results may be available within 24-48 hours)
Comprehensive management for all aspects of breast cancer and related breast and endocrine diseases (thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal)
Management of breast-feeding issues for lactating mothers with lactational problems like lactational mastitis, engorgement and blocked ducts.
Surgeon-performed ultrasonography of the breast and thyroid mass along with ultrasound-guided Bossy drainage of breast/ thyroid lesions.

Surgical Services
Breast Conserving Surgery (Lumpectomy, Wide excision biopsy)
Breast removal surgery (Mastectomy)
Axillary surgery: Sentinel lymph node, Axillary clearance, Frozen Section.
Oncoplastic Breast Surgery - Immediate Delayed reconstruction eg. Implant, Autologous flap (use own muscle tissue to reconstruct or for skin cover).
Nipple and Skin sparing mastectomy with reconstruction.
Nipple surge,: Microcodectorny & surgeries of nipple-areolar complex.
Subcutaneous mastectomy for gynaecomstia
Chemoport placement for infusion chemotherapy treatment
Reduction Mammoplasty and prophylactic treatment for contralateral breast.
Minimally invasive procedures diagnosis of breast cancer-ultrasound guided and stereotactic guided biopsy.

Thyroid & Parathyroid Surgery
Surgery for benign thyroid surgery - hemithryoidectomy.
Surgery for thyroid cancer-total thyroidectomy with modified radical neck dissection.
Endothyroid surgery (for cosmeticscarless thyroid surgery).
Surgery for parathyroidectomy for Primary or Renal Hyperparathyrodism.

Breast & Endocrine Surgery Services

Auxiliary Service

We have a team of dedicated oncologists and radiotherapist, radiologists, breast care nurses, physiotherapist and other allied health personnel working together with the surgeon to provide a multidisciplinary approach and comprehensive treatment towards the care of the breast cancer patients.

Occupational therapy services are available at the hospital for post surgery lymphedema massage and provision of pressure garments. Our dedicated clinical psychologists and counselors are available to provide counselling and supportive service to cancer patients, families and care-givers in the journey ahead.

Breast Care Nurse Services

Our dedicated Breast care nurses and clinical assistants are trained and available to guide and provide information and support relating to all aspects of breast care for women with breast cancer and their families.

Breast-related prosthesis, garments, bra and wigs are available within the hospital vicinity for easier access to the patients immediately.

Pink! Penang Breast Cancer Support Society

This is an NGO, local breast cancer support group comprised of breast cancer survivors, senior councilors, breast care nurses, volunteers and medical advisors who dedicated their time and love to provide a platform for sharing personal experiences and feelings to newly diagnosed cancer patients. Regular peer support group activities and talks are conducted monthly to provide an opportunity for cancer patients, families and care givers to voice their grievances, share their stories as well as learn how to cope during the difficult moments. This is absolutely free of charge and newly diagnosed cancer patients are encouraged to come forward to join and participate and increase their morale.

Location: 2nd Floor, Heritage Building, Loh Guan Lye Specialists Centre, Jalan Macalister, Penang. Every Wednesday, 2pm-4pm.
Contact: +6019-4220033 (Jayne)

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Consultant Breast Surgeons

1. Mr Chong Seng Fook
M.D.,FRCS (Glasg.),AM(Mal.),Fellow in Surgical Oncology(NCCS)

2. Dr Teoh Mei Shi
MBBS (India), MS (USM), Fellowship Breast Oncoplastic Surgery

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